The SDK Challenge is over—Connor Duggans wins!

We are offering a $2,500 cash prize to the developer who can install the Socialize SDK in an iOS or Android app the fastest. If you win and your app is live in an app store by the end of the contest period, we’ll throw in an extra $500. That’s a total of $3,000. You could buy a pony with that kind of money.

Here are the ground rules:

Watch our CTO Isaac implement the SDK in 2:35. Can you beat that time?

Contest runs 8/1/11 until 11:59 p.m. PDT on 8/31/11

  • You must screencast your desktop as you implement the Socialize SDK (we recommend iShowU or similar) and share the video link in the form below.
  • The video must start with the already-downloaded Socialize SDK (from Github) and end with you successfully authenticating to the Socialize servers through the app (via log or extra method alert). Your total time is counted as the video length.
  • For specific guidelines, jump to our update.

  • Protip: Register at and get your auth tokens before you start the video to save some time!
  • We will post the submissions on this page as they are received so you can see what the current fastest time is.

Post any questions about the rules in the comments below.  If you’re having a problem with the SDK implementation, please post it in our support area.

9/1: Connor wins!
8/31: Here are more specific guidelines:

We’re looking for videos that show nothing in between what we provide and your code. We want to see how quickly people can implement Socialize straight from our website and zip file—no text app in between to hold all the code you’ll copy and paste.

To produce a valid entry, your video must include:
- the SDK already downloaded (zip file can be extracted)
- grabbing the appropriate code from the documentation provided
- grabbing the consumer key and secret from the website
- successful authentication

The Leaderboard

  1. 0:23 – Connor Duggan
  2. 0:28 – David Goemans
  3. 0:30 – Connor Duggan
  4. 0:40 – Sam Stewart
  5. 0:41 – David Goemans
  6. 0:43 – Peter Kazazes
  7. 0:48 – Nuri Hodges
  8. 0:53 – Nuri Hodges
  9. 1:00 – Bryan Gutierrez: “For good measure,” he says.
  10. 1:09 – Peter Kazazes
  11. 1:15 – Bryan Gutierrez
  12. 1:24 – Jamie: This was her FIRST time coding! Her husband Brant said, “A funny video of the night I taught my wife Jamie how to code. She got really excited at the end. One o seven!!! The Socialize SDK is so easy to build in an app, Jamie learned in one night. Her first line of Java code ever and even beat all the boys in the SDK Speed Challenge!”)
  13. 3:25 – Paul Murphy

Other entries: These don’t qualify towards the leaderboard, but see if you can beat them!

  1. 0:09 – David Goemans
  2. 0:12 – Peter Kazazes
  3. 0:14 – David Goemans
  4. 0:22 – Peter Kazazes
  5. 0:37 – David Goemans “Sooooo easy to integrate!”
  6. 0:59 – Peter Kazazes
  7. 1:55 – Jason Polites (Socialize VP Engineering – while playing Solitaire!)
  8. 3:01 – Isaac Mosquera (Socialize CTO)

20 Responses to “$2,500 Prize for the Fastest SDK Implementation”

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  2. So this is applicable to people outside the US, right?

  3. I'm not sure the clock counting down is correct.. i see: The SDK Challenge ends in 1 day, 23 hours, 47 minutes

    Given the time now is 10:14 a.m. PDT, and the comp closes 11:59 p.m. PDT on 8/31/11, i'm not sure that adds up. ( my timezone is CET with daylight savings ).

  4. Hey, what's up with the competition entries? I have submitted a new one 2 days ago, but it hasn't shown up. I noticed on Peter's twitter he also submitted another entry.

  5. Jose says:

    Isn't Jamie in violation of the new guidelines: "no text app in between to hold all the code you’ll copy and paste"

  6. Nuri Hodges says:

    Peter Kazazes at 0:43 starts off w/ copy pasting his obj-C header import, does that not invalidate his entry?

  7. Hi guys, i wanted to see what the final results are. I submitted two entries – one of 40s and one of 28s – about 20 minutes before closing and i notice the Time Remaining has gone wildly into negative numbers. I'm somewhat surprised there was no one monitoring the competition or the @Socialize twitter account at the time.

    • Christine Borden says:

      We’re announcing in the afternoon (in a few hours). I’ll ping you for sure.

      • Thanks! Looking forward to it :)

      • Nuri Hodges says:

        Excited to hear the results, however I am under the impression you cannot have any boiler plate code in your application for the contest, that would mean the Log.d lines in David's projects invalidates his entries.

        Don't mean to be a debbie downer, but rules are rules.

        • I'm posting the results as soon as we take a picture with our giant check. Here's what our VP of Engineering had to say about the contest:

          "The premise is that the developer already has an application. Any code that forms part of that application is outside the scope of the competition. We are interested in the time it takes to incorporate Socialize into an existing application. Hence any 'boiler plate' code that does not relate to Socialize is completely acceptable as it would be considered to be part of the developer's existing application.

          The distinction here is any steps that are involved in the integration of Socialize that are 'pre-prepared.' For example, a developer taking the sample code from the documentation and copy/pasting it into a text file along with their Socialize app keys etc. would constitute 'pre-preparation' and would thus be invalid."

          Hope that helps, Nuri!

          • Nuri Hodges says:

            It certainly does, thanks!

            "We’re looking for videos that show nothing in between what we provide and your code."

            David's apps have boiler plate code specifically tailored to the Socialize SDK, essentially using his own app as another text file to copy/paste the log line, as well as already having the JARs loaded into his projects.

          • The jar isn't already loaded. You'll notice if you watch carefully, that i copy/paste it from the folder to the project. Eclipse allows for a direct ctrl+c, ctrl+v without popup dialog. I also sent in a video before these submissions to make sure it was legit, since the last minute change of rules really messed me around. At the time it was 9pm here and the competition closed at around the same time my work day began. I had to be sure that i didn't have to redo a last minute entry.

          • Nuri Hodges says:

            I missed that, didn't notice it was the first thing you did, I apologize. (When you c/p the JAR in, it automatically imports the classes/libs for you?)

            I was rooting for yourself or my team, as us Android developers seem to have the short end of the stick when it comes to waiting for our compiles/devices/emulators.

            For posterity's sake, lol, I was able to shave a few more seconds off:

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