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Today, Torsten wrote about Socialize on the appbackr blog. Appbackr is a a crowdfunding marketplace for mobile apps that helps developers profit from their apps.

In particular, he mentions that most apps can already share to Facebook and Twitter, but Socialize also offers in-app social features:

it’s definitely interesting to be able to share within the app. While showing other users’ activity on certain elements of an app, Socialize also offers some kind of a dashboard (called ‘Activity Pane’) to list the content users interacted most with.

(Just yesterday our devangelist argued that Facebook integration is not enough to make an app social.)

And what’s the bottom line for developers socializing their apps? The SDK adds value to apps, Torsen explains:

A growing number of apps using the SDK will enable Socialize to create very sophisticated profiles of users’ interests (interest graphs) – what allows advertisers to target their potential customers very precisely.

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