Socialize in the Drum Kit iPhone app

Drum Kit has implemented the recently released Socialize Action Bar app-wide.  Most apps to date have implemented Socialize for specific pieces of content (articles, coupons, recipes, pictures, news, etc.) so users can share that content with each other and across social networks (what we call “entities” in geek terms). However, Drum Kit put Socialize on the home screen of the app to make the entire app shareable.   This is a very cool application of Socialize, and turns our Action Bar into a strong social tool that everyone who downloads the app sees right on the home screen.

Click here to download the app.

Here’s a screenshot of my co-founders Sean sharing content from the Drum Kit app on Facebook, and me ‘liking’ what Sean shared:

Sharing from Socialize in the Drum Kit app

Sharing from Socialize in the Drum Kit app

And here are screenshots of the app:

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