Mmm, donutsHere in the User Acquisition department we’re kicking off the SDK campaign: the Socialize Donut Kits™. We’re making the rounds of SF-based mobile startups—and we’re packing yummy donuts—in order to get some great feedback on the Socialize SDK. If you’re hankering for a visit from the donut daemon, let us know here.

Initially, we brainstormed a list of startups in our City by the Bay, but it proved to be a bit harder than one might imagine. After a few hours of even fewer results, it finally dawned on us that most of the information was on CrunchBase: there are over 74,000 companies on CrunchBase. This would be a great start (and a great end to our head scratching).

All we needed was to filter out the companies that we wanted to target. Looking at the information on CrunchBase we decided on a few criteria:

  1. The company had to be a mobile company
  2. The company had to have an office in San Francisco
  3. The company could not have more than 50 employees (here at Socialize, we like short sales cycles)
  4. The company could not have been acquired

Armed with that criteria and the belief that a computer is way better at filtering 74,000 entries than I could ever be, we utilized the CrunchBase API and set up a cascade of functions to filter out what we wanted. We’ve hosted the code on GitHub because we’re cool like that.

So just how many companies did the fairly specific search criteria yield? Just over 110, so looks like we’ve got a gross amount of donuts to deliver. It’s time to make the donuts.

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  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for the donuts Jeremia!

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