The Income Tax Act app from India is the second Android app to go live with the Socialize SDK. The app elucidates the ITA, providing everyone from lawyers to the general public access to the full legal document. It includes an unedited and unabridged version with an organized and neat navigation. Plus, the Socialize integration adds “like” and comment features.

“I was searching for a way for my app’s users to communicate with each other instead of them going to a common place on the web like a discussion forum/social site,” app developer Ashok Felix said. “That’s when I found Socialize—it had everything I needed and a lot more. It gave me a true way to socialize my apps and is helping me establish a rapport among my users. A true mobile solution if you ask me.”

Socialize likes, views and comments show up at the top of the screen. You can access these features in the bottom menu.

Ashok found integration to be incredibly easy and the code was developer-friendly. He dropped in the code without even referring to online sample codes or hitting up the forums.

After publishing his app, he got a lot of positive feedback from his users. If they continue to enjoy the added social features, he plans to integrate the SK with his six other similar apps.

“It’s revolutionary and one of the best (actually only) way to ‘socialize’ an app,” he said. “And it’s free as in ‘free beer’. Nothing can beat that.”

Take a look at some other screenshots of his app with Socialize in action:

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