I’m currently waiting in line with thousands of other participants waiting for the keynote to begin…


9:43 inside, more lines to keynote conference


10:10 – Phil is showing us Lion, features of Lion, multi-touch sensors/gestures, no-need for scroll bars since there is no reason to grab a space bar, improved spaces, full screen apps

10:11 – Lion Demo, fluidly zoom with gestures on the MacBook with Lion. Two-finger swipes will let you navigate back through your Safari history. They’re showing us photobooth, with cool new filters with more camera and video tracking

10:17 – Phil is now showing us the new Mac App Store on Lion. The Mac App Store is now the #1 channel to buy software. Pixelmator has seen 4x of their revenue. Pixelmator has seen $1M in their first 20 days.

Launchpad – you can make simple gestures to make applications quickly fly onto the screen.

Resume – brings you back to your spaces just the way you left it.

Auto-save – why can’t the computer help you save? As you’re writing a document your work is being saved for you.

10:32 – The new mail client for Lion. Threaded conversations similar to gmail, full screen functionality.


10:33 – Craig is doing a demo for mail. He’s showing the power of the new search functionality and thread conversations. Cool new animations.

Over 3,000 APIs for developers.

Lion is ONLY available in the Mac App Store and it’s the easiest upgrade you’ve ever seen. Lion is available for only $29.

10:38 – Scott Forstall is now going to talk to us about iOS 5.

Over 200MM iOS install to date. Over 44% of the smart phone market.

Already sold 15 billion songs (and makes it the #1 retailer of music) and 130 Million books. There are more than 425,000 apps on the App Store.

14 billion apps have been downloaded. Apple has paid out 2.5 billion dollars to developers.


10:43 – Scott says there are 225 million accounts with credit cards and one-step purchasing.

Walking through 10 new features:

1. Notifications – scoring alerts, audio and badge and have been massively popular, over 100 billion push notifications. Now there is a new app called notification center. A single place that combines all of your notifications.  You swipe your finger down from the top to bring down notification center. Improved Lock screen to see more notifications.

2. Newstand – new to have subscriptions of your favorite publishers. A single place that combines newspaper and magazine and combines into one place. It does background downloads ready to read.

3. Twitter – 1 billion tweets per week. iOS 5 makes it even easier to make tweets and have single sign on and you can use it other apps. Many apps are integrating Twitter into existing apps like camera. Contacts Integration from Twitter to your existing contacts.

4. Safari – Nearly 2/3 of all mobile browsing and the safari engine is 90% of all mobile browsing when you consider Android. Tapping on the browser bar it formats it correctly to have a single scrolling story. You can now e-mail the contents of the story on the iPad and iPhone as well.

Reading list – simple and convenient way to save a story and read it later across any device like iPad or your desktop.

Full tabbed browsing for Safari


5. Reminders – advanced to-do list application. store all your to-do lists on your phone and reminds you when you have to do those “things.”  Sets up a geo-fence to remind when you’re in a certain area. Sync with iCal using webdav.

6. Camera – it’s the most popular camera on a phone and soon it wil be the best in the world.  It will have a lock screen shortcut to get to camera faster. AE/AF lock, volume button to take photos, photo editing right there on the phone. Red-eye reduction, cropping, rotation.


7. Mail – most popular application on iPad, iPhone, Touch, rich text formatting. Control indentation. Drag addresses. Support for flagging. Search entire content of messages. Swipe to Inbox gesture. Added support for S/MIME

New search dictionary API. The new keyboard will be able to type with their thumbs.

8. PC Free Syncing – The crowd loves this feature. Software updates are now over the air. Just delta updates and not the entire OS. You can now create and delete calendars right from iOS. All the functionality is right on the phone.

9. Game Center – iOS is the most popular gaming platform on the planet. Easier to find players to play against.  In just 9 months we have 50MM game center users. Xbox Live has been around for 8 years and they only have 30MM users. Added support for turn based games.

10. iMessage – works tremendously well to send messages.  Our iPhone customers love it and we’re now launching a new messaging service between all iOS customers. iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are supported from iMessage. Encrypted over the air. Send high quality photos and video.

More than 200 new features, airplay mirroring wirelessy, wifi sync to itunes, hourly weather forecasts, new gestures.

New development tools, new Xcode, simulator, Core Image library for complex images for red-eye reduction

New developer seed for the iPhone is out today and iOS5 will be out for new customers this fall.

11:20 – We’ll now hear about iCloud from Steve Jobs! The crowd is very excited about it.

Steve says syncing between devices is driving us crazy. We think our solution is the next big insight. Demote the PC just to be a device and most the center of your digital life on the cloud.


Contacts, Calendars, Mail for Mobile Me, but now its all going to be FREE!

Now much more is going to be store in the cloud.  The First is the App Store, purchase history is going to be on all your devices.  iBooks will now be sync’d across devices.

Backup device settings, apps and data that come with iCloud.

11:32 – Three new apps for iCloud:

1.  Documents in the cloud.  Steve just announced iCloud Storage API for developers and key-value pairs.

2.  Photo Stream – Photos in the cloud.  Built into applications, even built it into Apple TV.  Store the last 1,000 photos and/or 30 days until you sync them into an existing album.

3. iTunes – Music in the cloud!  When you buy music from iTunes it gets pushed to all of your devices.  Just demo’d the sync up a Bruno Mars song from iPhone to iPad

iCloud is ALL FREE!

11:51 – Steve Jobs says “it just works.”

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