Peter Kazazes’ new app, American Debt Clock, went live in the Apple App Store this week. It’s a topic that makes for (at the very least) lively socializing:

“American Debt Clock is a new way to visualize the national debt in real time with up to the second statistics that will make your jaw drop.

American Debt Clock was developed using advanced statistical analysis that enables the current debt to be predicted within $2,000 of its actual level. That, combined with the use of numbers published daily by the treasury, allows American Debt to be extremely accurate.

Now featuring a unique discussion feature. Talk about the debt in real time with other people who care.”

The American Debt Clock app is the second Socialized iOS app out in the wild, which means that we owe Peter a $300 check!

Peter liked the fact that a developer can implement Socialize’s features a la carte—you can pick and choose what you’d like to include. His app uses Socialize’s commenting feature to host discussions about the frighteningly large American debt.

“People get very animated—even emotional—when discussing current events issues such as the ones addressed by my app,” he explained. “Socialize enabled me to have a platform for people to voice their feelings regarding the issues and discuss it in real time with other users. Socialize is by no means limited to a comment system. It is a dynamic and scalable system that can be dropped in in almost every setting.”

Like Sargon, Peter enjoyed working with the Socialize crew. He signed up for a one-on-one developer workshop with our senior iOS engineer, Fawad.

“The (free!) developer workshops you provided were intuitive and Fawad answered and even fixed every hiccup I had along the way,” he said. “Jeremia set me up with a Skype call with Fawad, and within half an hour my app was Socialized and ready to go. Over the next week or so I tweaked a few things and made some adjustments of my own. I finally had an App-Store-ready app. I submitted, and voila! I was accepted.”

In the meantime, Peter competed in our SDK Speed Challenge. He topped the leaderboard for a while but got ousted in the commotion of the 11th hour. His prowess in the challenge is testament to the ease and quickness of the SDK.

But his absolute favorite thing about Socialize is the price: “You guys provide a service that has obviously taken tons of man hours to develop and has a proven track record over at AppMakr,” he said. “And it’s open source and free to developers. That there, on top of the web service, is hundreds of hours of development that I don’t have to do.”

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