Sargon Benjamin has done it again! Earlier, Sargon published the first Socialized Android app, and this week Sargon’s Socialized iOS app went live. Congrats on yet another GIANT $500 check!

[Because Sargon won the $500 prizes for both iOS and Android, Socialize will offer $300 to the next Socialized iOS app. Email to claim the prize.]

He created both the iOS and the Android apps for the Stanislaus County Fair, which has existed for 100 years. This year is the first year it has gone mobile…and doubly so with Sargon’s engineering. The Socialized StanCoFair app is available now for free in the App Store.

He said it’s difficult to compare the integration of Socialize in the two apps since the SDK can go deeper with iOS. The Socialize Android app allows user to like different items. “The iPhone StancoFair app,” he explained, “has page views, commenting and (un)liking built in. So if a user really liked their Monster Corn Dog, then they’d be able to like it and comment on the Monster Dog venue. Subsequently, the user could then complain about the carnival ride that made them sick to their stomach (you’d expect this on any carnival ride after eating a whole Monster Dog).”

Both SDKs worked right out of the box. Again, he underlined the quality of the Socialize team, calling us “uber responsive.” He’s thinking of integrating Socialize with more Base 2 apps.

“The moola is nice,” he said, “but quite frankly, I needed an in-app user community service anyways and I’ve grown to enjoy talking to your team members.”

6 Responses to “Sargon Benjamin Nabs Yet Another $500 Prize for First Socialized iOS App”

  1. Paul says:

    Its a great thing to show feature parity across multiple native platforms. Kudos to Socialize and Sargon for making it happen.

  2. Pavel says:

    Great looking app and very cool SDK! It almost seems as if they were made for each other!

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