The Assyrian app is Sargon Benjamin’s third Socialized app, featuring Socialize-powered likes (and unlikes), views and commenting. His app is a great way to learn more about Assyrian history and culture or to reconnect with your own Assyrian roots. The app includes:

  • Assyrian proverbs
  • A “Khigga” icon to get the (dance) party started
  • Quick facts on Assyrians
  • The “Around Me” feature to find local Assyrian businesses
  • An events section filled with Assyrian goings-on
  • Assyrian news
  • Assyrian alphabet
  • Artwork and photos of Assyrian artifacts
  • A list of Assyrian causes for charitable folk

This is the app’s main view:

From this view you can navigate to other pages, like the alphabet section:

Sargon Socialized two areas of the app: the events calendar and the “Around Me” section, a listing of Assyrian-run businesses. Here’s what Socialize looks like on these two pages:

“It’s like 10 apps in one…WOW,” one user said. If that’s the case, then it’s a steal with its $0 price tag in the Apple App Store.

Previously, Sargon Socialized both his Android and iOS apps for the Stanislaus County Fair. Sargon is our most prolific developer to date, and we’re thrilled every time he publishes a new app. Keep ‘em coming!

5 Responses to “Sargon Benjamin Publishes a Third Socialized App”

  1. SimonSays says:

    I'm no Assyrian, but the app looks really great! I know the Socialize integration already from the Stanco Fair app and i like it a lot. Good work everyone!!

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks for writing and posting this. I remember reading a blog by socialize that says that session times increase by roughly 20% when an app allows a user to interact in/with an application. That is our goal with the Assyrian App. So thank you for helping us with your SDK.

  3. Sarang says:

    Awesome blog post for an awesome app! Loved learning about the Assyrian culture and being able to comment and like different pages! Also, yesterday attended Pitch 2011 at the Giants Stadium and enjoyed hearing about upcoming features with the Socialize SDK.

    • Christine Borden says:

      We probably met each other then! Jeremia and I worked the Socialize table. I was the one wearing the red cowboy hat. :)

  4. ODISHO says:




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