Ashok Felix has published another Socialized Android app: Constitution of India. Much like his previous Socialized app, the Constitution app provides the full, searchable text of the Constitution of India. Ashok claims that this is the only app containing the Indian constitution. It will be featured in 100,000 Sakshat Android Tablets as a non-profit e-learning initiative from the Indian Ministry of Education. This app will see 25,000 colleges and 400 universities!

What’s more, this version has Socialize views, likes and comments.

“To put it in a few words,” Ashok explains, “Socialize connects users with shared interests in the mobile sense.”

From the bottom menu, you can access comments—this is Socialize functionality. When viewing individual articles, the bottom menu allows you to like, share and comment.

Ashok loves that the SDK is simple, straightforward and easy to work with. With the integration of Socialize, he says, “(it’s) building a community among my users without ever leaving the app. And it helps me create an interest-based network within my apps.”

At the top of the page (left image), you can see how many times it's been viewed, liked and commented on. In the right image, you can see the comment view that Ashok uses for his app.

This is Ashok’s second Socialized app, and we can’t wait to see what else he—and others—will make with Socialize. If you’d like your Socialized app featured on the blog, share it at

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