Socialize was chosen by CNBC as one of the 15 hottest startups worldwide (slide #5) in its recent Global Entrepreneurship special report.

Joining 14 other companies doing everything from online job interviews to helping Congolese farmers, Socialize is in great company. As CNBC puts it:

“Innovative Entrepreneurs: The motivation to create new products — and start companies that will make those products — come from a variety of places. Some entrepreneurs are interested in making processes more efficient. Some are looking for ways to save people money. Some are hoping they can save the world. Whatever the motivation, entrepreneurs inspire with their creative way of taking a problem and finding a solution.” 

Writing that Socialize makes an app “social, not solitary”, they highlight that Socialize brings users back to the app while traditional apps see a 99% engagement decline just 90 days after the app is downloaded. And while they note that 1,400 apps are currently Socialized and 4,000 apps have been made with AppMakr, those numbers are actually much higher! There are over 2,000 apps live with Socialize and 10,000 AppMakr apps in the marketplace.

Check out the article here to see Socialize and 14 other startups that are sparking change in their industry.

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  1. Paul says:

    That is awesome! You guys have a very cool product.

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