Socialize Hackathon winners got $500

Socialize sponsored the MoDevEast conference at USA Today’s Gannett Headquarters just outside Washington, DC last week.  Our CTO Isaac Mosquera was a speaker at the event, which also included speakers from LivingSocial, Millennial Media, NPR and other companies leading in the mobile space.

The Socialize API at MoDevHack

The two-day developer conference gave mobile devs an opportunity to learn about new APIs and SDKs from many companies, including Socialize’s own Social Action Bar SDK, along with tech from PayPal, Mashery, Microsoft, NPR, AOL and many others.

Isaac Mosquera, CTO

Below are videos of Isaac’s and other’s presentations at the event, as well as interviews with a number of developers who implemented the Socialize API & SDKs at the MoDevHack day-long hackathon.

Especially interesting was a Heroku implementation that used an automated bot to respond to Socialize comments by users within the mobile app.

See the related interview of Isaac Mosquera on this blog here.

We’re looking forward to future MoDev events in 2012!

Find over 400 pictures of the event here and a great Flickr set by SendGrid here.


Isaac on a panel at MoDevEast:

Isaac presenting Socialize at MoDevEast:

MoDevEast developers implementing Socialize:

Ben Young of Nexercise on Socialize:

Facebook Popular Friends app with Socialize:

Vik Snapshot app with Socialize:

Heroku app leveraging Socialize:

DC Walk app demo utilizing Socialize:

The DC Walk App feedback (1 of 2):

The DC Walk App feedback (2 of 2):

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