Our resident mad data scientist Alessandro Gagliardi now organizes the Semantic Garage meetup. What is it? Good question!

Semantic Garage is at the cutting edge of semantic and natural language processing. It’s where new web companies in the semantic space can showcase live demos and where open discussion and debate about the future and philosophy of semantic technologies emerge. We have two meetups coming up: The first is on September 20, where representatives of innovative players including Lexalytics, Pingar, and Saplo will feature service presentations here at SOMAcentral. The next, sometime in October, will feature a presentation by Monica Anderson, founder of Syntience and contributer to h+ will discuss model free approaches to semantics and artificial intelligence.

The next event is Semantic Analysis API Services on Tuesday, Sept. 20. RSVP on the meetup page and swing by SOMAcentral, where Socialize calls home. The event is free but only has 30 spots left.

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