The IBEX Droid app is a fantastic 4.5 star app on Android for Spain’s stock exchange (IBEX is to Spain what NYSE is to the USA).

The app is running Socialize, which means that users can socialize and comment around individual stocks from within the app, and can give each stock a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”.  Socialize is hosting the social platform via our drop-in Android SDK.

Now you can check your stocks and brag to everybody about all those Euros you’re raking in. A new Android app that lets users check in on IBEX 35, the Madrid Stock Exchange’s benchmark index, has just implemented Socialize. ¡Impresionante!

Developer Hexahis, who has several other stock and finance-related apps, designed IBEX Droid PRO to apply commissions automatically when the user selects their broker from a list. App users can also create their own custom broker commissions and compare broker commissions against each other when charging for the same operation.

Now that the app is infused with Socialize, it’s been upgraded to allow commenting and liking. One look at the commenting stream and you can see people are really embracing this new feature. Besides letting users talk to one another, it also gives Hexahis a chance to speak to them directly within the app—Google Translate (thanks Google!) tells us he’s letting user Edu know that he can customize profiles with this new version.

Here’s how to use Socialize from within the app:

Step 1: Click IBEX-35 in the app

Step 2: Click on IBEX

Step 3: click the "i" Icon

Step 4: Click on the comment bubble

Step 5: Comment View

Step 6: Specific comment

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