An app is an awkward party, where nobody knows each other. But with really good food.

Bear with us here.

The food is a great distraction to keep people from breaking out of their comfort zone (Hmmm. Small talk OR nervously eat these chocolate-covered pretzels?). But because of this, Lauren never talks to Joe and realizes he’s ALSO a die-hard Harry Potter fan. And Stephanie chugs sangria instead of learning that Luke is in a polka band—just like her Uncle Vlad!

Nobody ends up connecting with one another. And after this party’s over, you can bet they’re not telling anybody to go to the next one.

But let’s pretend someone invited Mr. Socialize. Mr. Socialize comes in, lures people away from the guacamole and introduces them to each other. He’s that guys who knows everybody and what they have in common. Before you know it, Lauren and Joe are hitting it off, Luke and Stephanie are polka dancing and the party is a success! Just like the next one will be—when everyone comes back and brings their friends.

Alright, enough with the metaphor. Let’s get down to business.

Your app is already full of people with shared interests—the fact that they’ve all downloaded your app speaks to this. But without Socialize, there’s no real way for them to connect with one another. They’re all just sitting in the same room, stuffing their face with pretzels, never getting the chance to reach out to one another.

Socialize’s drop-in social platform lets users interact with each other, fostering connections and creating a community that’s centered around your app. Features like commenting and social media integration make your app more robust, engaging, and above all, shareable. Users will not only become more active within your app, and keep coming back to it, they’ll spread your content throughout their existing social networks.

What this means is that instead of simply reading an article and moving on, they:

  • See how many others have read it with an ongoing visitors tally.
  • See what those people are saying in the comments.
  • Give their own opinion by commenting.
  • Share that comment through Facebook—and with the hundreds, or thousands, of friends that have access to their Facebook wall.
  • Bring those friends back to the app.

We like to call this the “loop” effect.

Socialize takes your app from stagnant to social, and gets your users working for you by sharing your content with their outside networks. In turn, you’ll have more new users discovering your app, more downloads coming in, and more existing users coming back to the app—because, well, there’s cool stuff to do. And interesting conversations going on. And something new they want to check out, because they saw it on their friend’s Facebook wall.

See why we called it the “loop”? It’s enough to make you dizzy. But rest assured, you’ll be passing out onto a pile of fresh downloads, happier users and free publicity. (Ca-ching!)

Check out the video below for more information on the “loop” effect and how Socialize can bring your app out of isolation. It’s time to put the chip bowl away and bust out the polka music—or whatever kind of party you want your app to be. Just make sure it’s one that will have people coming back.

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