When we say you can implement Socialize in as little as 30 (or more specifically, 23) seconds, we’re not just blowing SDK smoke up your bum. Check out how our head dev, Jason Polites, demonstrates just how easy it is to drop the Socialize ActionBar into an app using National Public Radio’s Android app as an example.

Jason’s been been busy working on the Socialize ActionBar that lets users share, like, and comment on posts. He was using a test app he created himself until he realized, “Why tell developers they can just pop the Socialize ActionBar into their apps when we can show them?” And this video, complete with Aussie-flavored narration, was born.

Posing as an NPR News developer (no word on whether a chloroform-soaked rag was involved), Jason dropped the ActionBar into their open-source app. By just copying and pasting a few lines of code, he turned NPR’s app from a one-way conversation into a social community. Now users can let all their friends know to check their salads for Egyptian fenugreek sprouts.

And the whole process took about 54 seconds. Not quite 23 but hey, who’s counting?


The Socialize version of NPR News’ Android app is ready to rock!

It would be cruel to simply tell you about how we spruced up the NPR News app and not let you in on the action. And we don’t have a cruel bone in our body (well, we broke it skiing last year).

Now, as you’re perusing the reasons scientists and engineers should think more like entrepreneurs, you can share those findings through Facebook, Twitter and email with all your friends.

You can also share your opinion by commenting on the post, or give it the thumbs up. A simple RSS feed has now become interactive and shareable, fostering a community from and within the app.

Download the APK here to get the Socialize NPR News Android app now! Please note that we’re still experimenting with this version and had to tweak NPR’s code ever-so-slightly—so bear with us. Feel free to give us a shout at users@getsocialize.com with any feeback.

Thanks and happy Socializing!

2 Responses to “The NPR News App Gets Some Action”

  1. Brant Oliphant says:

    Dude that is awsome, Jason! I want it. I'm one of the super lazy developers which needs all the view help I can get. I take it this is not in SDK .6 ?

  2. Andrew says:

    When would we be able to use the action bar? I'm on 0.6.0 but no luck.

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