Thinglet Software is the latest batch of developers to jump on the Socialize bandwagon. Remember those whack-a-mole arcade games? Thinglet’s Whack a Buddy app brings that angst-fueled frenzy to your Android phone:

Take a picture of your buddy, boss or random stranger and whack away to your hearts content! You can even unlock hidden “Buddies” for achieving high scores!

Whack a Buddy uses Socialize comments as a message board feature within the app and takes advantage of Socialize’s pre-built UI view as well.

Users can leave a comment by tapping on the chat button at the bottom of the screen. This takes the user to the message board, as shown in the righthand image.

Nuri Hodges, CEO of Thinglet, told us he was originally looking for social sharing functionality when he found Socialize. “We were looking for a nice, streamlined way to integrate social features in our app,” Nuri said. “Namely discussion between users and the ability to share things via Twitter/Facebook. I was just reading some mobile blogs and googling, and your guys’ company came up several times. After I ended up on your site several times I knew I had to sign up so we could try it out!”

Different "buddies" to help you let off some steam

Nuri and senior engineer Bryan Gutierrez found Socialize incredibly easy to implement—so easy that they both completed in the SDK Speed Challenge. Nuri and Bryan were among the first to break the one-minute record.

“Integration (especially after doing the base implementation several times in the coding contest) was a snap,” Nuri added. “We also LOVE the default skin you provide for the message/comment feature in the Socialize API.”

We’re glad that Thinglet loves the comment view—it’s definitely something that saves a lot of time for developers.

So congrats to Thinglet on releasing the first game app with Socialize! The Whack a Buddy app is available now on Android Market for free.

If you’ve recently published an app with Socialize, submit your app to and we’ll feature your masterpiece on the blog as well.

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