Over 20 million unique devices use apps running Socialize: 9.4MM Via our AppMakr channel, and 10.5MM via our Developer SDK

Over 400 live apps and 1,000 more auth'd apps

August is a big month for us!  Socialize just hit the 20 million user mark this month.  Here’s what it means for us, and where we’re going from here:

We already have over 400 apps live running Socialize, and over 1,400 more that have auth’d with our infrastructure and are testing.  All the numbers below come from just the live apps– The auth’d apps are the funnel that promise strong continued growth.

  • Users via our Developer SDK are growing at 41% monthly, now at 10.5 million unique devices. Additionally, via our AppMakr channel we have an additional 9.4 million unique devices, growing at 7.1% monthly. That’s a lot of people using apps that run Socialize!
  • We’re powering over 3.5 million social actions per month.  48% are likes, 27% are comments and 25% are shares.  Due to the lightweight nature and popularity of likes, we’ve made it easy in version 2.0 of our iOS and Android SDKs to break up our ActionBar and just use some of the functionality in your app.  Now, if you just want to let users ‘like’ an entity in your app (say, a photo or an article) it’s easy to drop that functionality in.
  • We’re powering over 350,000 organic app installation opportunities per month.  Those 3.5 million social actions turn into hundreds of thousands of new referrals every month, due entirely to the passion of users within the apps running Socialize.  We always say that users are the best marketers of an app, so you should put them to work!  Users typically engage twice as much with apps running Socialize and our SmartAlerts technology which serves to bring your users back into your app.
  • We’ve just launched a bevvy of new features.  Look through our blog to see them all.

If you haven’t yet dropped Socialize into your app, what are you waiting for?  Get more intelligence about your userbase, get more engagement in your app, and have your users drive more high quality, organic installs.

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