With something like 250 million active users (!), Twitter is full of endless thoughts and opinions, 140 characters at a time. And it’s not just the details of that guy from accounting’s lunch or the sponsored drivel of 85 Kardashian sisters. There’s real insight into what people are thinking and feeling, in this case, as a nation, by analyzing what they’re saying on the go-to microblogging platform. Developer Peter Kazazes has taken this concept and created the Twelect app for iOS to determine who is primed to win the 2012 election.

He created an algorithm which collect tweets instantaneously and analyzes them for linguistic patterns. Through thousands of rounds of testing, Peter was able to fine tune this algorithm so it consistently stays within 5% of national polls. And, in line with the nature of its source, it gives users that updated information instantly, rather than monthly or bi-weekly.

By implementing the Socialize SDK, users can now like, comment on and share these results to their social networks. Check out the screenshots below—a report on current polls, as well as a graph and rundown of Romney and Obama’s stats over time, have been turned into entities. Placing the Action Bar on these pages allows people to share and interact with each other around them, social actions which are then tracked and reported to the developer through his App Intelligence Dashboard.

And so as to integrate with the app’s slick UI, the Action Bar has been customized to reflect the current design and placed at the top so it won’t interfere with its navigation.

We’re pumped to be a part of this genius app, down to the last exciting minutes of Election 2012. If you want to stay up to speed along with us, download the Twelect app here.

App Homepage

Tweets about each candidate.

Current poll results, with Action Bar

Share via the Action Bar.

See what other users are saying.

Join the conversation and post your comment to social networks.

Authenticate through Facebook and Twitter to fill out your app profile.

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