No matter what kind of person you are, what your day’s been like or what mood you’re in, there’s a quote or two out there that you’ll relate to (or at the very least, will give you a good chuckle). The developers at AppStand know this, creating the Instaquotes app for iOS that delivers pithy, hilarious, poignant, heartwarming (and sometimes heart-wrenching) quotes in hipster-tastic Instagram style. And with a powerful social layer courtesy of the Socialize SDK, users can spread the word to their social networks. And bring in more app downloads while they’re at it.

While the ability to share, favourite and connect with other users around each entity fosters a community in and around the app, the benefits of this social layer go beyond user engagement for the app developer. Each time a like, comment or entity is shared, it promotes the app to bring in potential users and gives the developer more insight into their current users’ activity patterns. With each social action tracked and dissected on the developer’s App Intelligence Dashboard, they’re able to see which content is most popular, which users are the “whales” (that is, the most active and therefore most valuable to them), and which activity is bringing in each new download. Meanwhile, the SmartDownload System works for them to bring in as many of those new downloads as possible, displaying the right content to the right people and showing off the app in style.

Check out the screenshots below to see how the Socialize SDK has been implemented. And to download the Instaquotes app for yourself, click here.

Quote as entity with Socialize Action Bar

Quote as entity with Socialize Action Bar

Comment on entity

Comment in thread for entity

Socialize User Profile (without Facebook or Twitter authentication)

Share entity via Facebook, Twitter or email

Entity shared through email

Smart Download page as accessed through link in email share

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