Before we introduce the awesome 4synced Android app, which recently got awesomer (not a word, but just play along) by integrating Socialize, we should introduce the site It’s an online storage tool that let you store audio, video, photos, and all that good stuff, and share those files with whoever you choose. It’s brother, lets you sync all of those files on the go, from anywhere. With the 4Sync mobile app, you can access your 4Shared and 4Sync accounts and all of your files from your device. Basically, they’ve mastered convenience.

What’s interesting about how they’ve implemented Socialize is that the Action Bar is placed on any file uploaded to 4Sync. So any file that a user uploads, be it a photo, a document, a video or a music file, becomes social. They and others users who have access to those files can like, comment on and share each fileā€”check out the screenshot below for an example. Who wouldn’t “like” an adorable picture of a zebra hug? And now they can!

This also means that each file becomes an entity, that can be tracked and analyzed. The developer can see every social action on every file, or entity, that is opened on the app. All of the data gathered is displayed on their App Intelligence Dashboard for a simple and streamlined way of tracking all of the activity going on inside the app. What content is most popular, what people are sharing and commenting on most, where new downloads are coming from (for example, from Facebook vs. Twitter) and what content is triggering those downloads can be seen in one place.

Download the 4Sync Android app here to make your life a whole lot more convenient. And for the most convenient and powerful way to socialize your app, download the Socialize SDK here.

Access your files from anywhere

Like, comment on and share files

Access your account settings

Log into your account from anywhere

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