The Socialize ActionBar is the fastest, easiest way to implement Socialize into your app.  You can be up and running with social functionality in your app in less than five minutes.

With the release of the ActionBar version 2.0 on iOS and Android, we’ve now added even more Action to the ActionBar.  Version 2.0 of the ActionBar:

  • Makes fewer API calls, minimizing its performance load even further.  Since it’s asynchronous to the rendering of your view, it won’t affect the view’s performance
  • Easily configurable buttons, allowing you to quickly and easily decide which features you want to include on the ActionBar (i.e., comment, liking, and sharing are all modular and easy to turn on & off).
  • Easily add views to the ActionBar, allowing you to wrap social actions around any type of content in your app.  You can also now change & refresh entities on the fly.
  • Fully configurable, allowing you to re-skin the ActionBar and easily make any other changes you’d like.

Want to dig in to see these changes for yourself?  Take a look at our ActionBar documentation for iOS or for Android.  Here’s a screenshot:

Socialize ActionBar iOS Documentation

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