You’ve asked for it, now it’s here:  Socialize SDK version 2.0.  Android is live starting today and the iOS alpha release is available .

In version 1.0 launched last November, we packaged social actions into an easy-to-use Social ActionBar.  Now in version 2.0, we’ve vastly extended Socialize’s functionality and made it infinitely customizable.

Here’s a video with Jason Polites, our VP of Engineering, demoing the new Android SDK


A preview of Socialize's best-in-class documentation for Android SDK 2.0

Socialize is offering best-in-class documentation and fanatical developer support for the Android SDK version 2.0.

The new SDK offers numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, along with a greatly simplified API experience allowing you to leverage the full suite of Socialize capabilities with an extremely easy-to-use set of utility classes.

We’re always working to minimize our SDK footprint and ensure zero latency.  Our SDK works via an asynchronous call method, so it will never slow your users down.  We run over 3,000 unit tests on each release and auto-scale our infrastructure.  Learn more in our complete feature list.

Introducing the Social ActionBar, Re-Imagined:

Get ready to make your app beautiful with killer social features integrated like never before. We’ve completely re-imagined the way Socialize can be implemented in your app.

You can still use the traditional Socialize ActionBar, but now you have infinitely more options. You can easily implement individual components like sharing around the entities in your app, or around the entire app itself. You can easily change the UI of the social actions, and wrap them around multiple entities in a single view.

Completely customize the ActionBar, down to individual components. Want to put it on the left-hand side of your app? Want to just have a "share" button? No problem. It's fast and easy with our new SDK.

Want to offer a complete set of social features for each entity? Now you can. We offer support for multiple ActionBars in a single view. Let your users take social actions around your content in entirely new ways.

Made for White Labeling and Customization:

We are here to make you look good. With our new SDK, Socialize can be white labeled like never before. Not only do we allow you complete and easy control over how the social actions are presented to the user in the app, but we’ve also made it possible for you to customize how the social actions appear on each user’s Facebook news feed.

But we didn’t stop there. We also made the way a social action posts to Facebook even more engaging and enticing to Facebook users. It’s all part of boosting installs through our SmartDownload system. Want to be even more bleeding edge? Sign up for our Open Graph beta.

Want to private-label the way social actions show up on Facebook? We

We have created an improved presentation of posts to Facebook and Twitter, both within the app and on the social networks themselves.

Take Over Control:

Strap yourself into the driver’s seat. We have made a number of enhancements that make it easy for you to efficiently and effectively integrate Socialize right into your app.

We’ve also included a demo app that showcases Socialize’s default functionality with testing mechanisms that give you a deeper level of control over the way social actions post inside and outside the app and customizable user authentication levels. This allows you to fine tune your users’ social experience.


We now include a powerful sample app with numerous examples of how to use Socialize to build your own customized social experience.

Make Them Aware, Then Help Them Share:

Sharing starts inside the app with an awareness of other users and the actions they are taking. Our SDK lets you start to leverage the community of users that’s been hiding in your app.

We now give you access to the activity stream of social actions being taken inside your app, so you can make your users aware of what others are doing. And we’ve also bulked up the external sharing functionality and views to encourage users to tell others about your awesome app.

Action, action! Show an activity stream in your app of all the social actions your users are taking. The demo app includes a sample output of the last 50 actions taken.

Sharing outside of the app is even better in our new SDK. Users can now choose to share to both Facebook and Twitter instead of having to authenticate with each one separately.

Call Any Facebook API with the Socialize SDK:

We’ve made it easier than ever to leverage the power of Facebook from within your app.

Our new SDK gives you the ability to effortlessly call any Facebook API, allowing you to do things like listing all the friends of the user and all the check-ins of the user from right inside the app.


Check out checking in. We make it easy to list a user

Here’s a Demo Video Showing the New SDK Functionality:

Ready to get started? Just download the Android SDK on this page, then register your app with us and authenticate your app. You can configure the SDK as much as you’d like. We’ll take care of the rest.

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