Whoever thought tech and fashion couldn’t go together never checked out the Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker app for Android. Filled with videos, photo galleries and an in-app magazine, this app will keep the fashion-conscious up to date on the latest trends, right from the palm of their hand. The app even uses GPS to find the nearest stores so users can pick up what they like in the app for themselves.

The Socialize Action Bar has been installed in the app’s gallery section, turning each individual photo into an entity that can be shared, liked, and commented on. Users can interact with each other around each image through the comment threads, connecting with other fashion fanatics they otherwise wouldn’t have discovered. Socialize user profiles are automatically populated with personal information upon authentication, which also enables global posting, posting all future activity to the user’s social networks.

Because every social action is tracked on the developer’s App Intelligence Dashboard, they can see which images generate the most buzz, which shares of those images are bringing in the most new downloads, and which users are most active (the “whales”). Being able to see which users are most valuable to them allows them to target those users by sending them exclusive offers, promotions, and other perks via SmartAlerts to further encourage app loyalty. What other social features do that for their app (and users)?

See how Socialize has transformed this app in the screenshots below. And to download the Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker app for yourself, click here.

Image as shareable entity

Share through email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter

Comment on entity and share comments to social networks

Authenticate to post comment to Facebook and/or Twitter

Sharing entity via email

Entity shared with links

Links shared prompt user to download app for the device they're on, in the case Android

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