Want to know every trap door, candlestick lever and nook and cranny that lurks within your iPhone, iTouch or iPod? The Tips for iPhone — Tricks & Secrets app gives you a blueprint to your device with over 130 tips and tricks.

Now that it’s been Socialized, this apps lets you comment and share your reigning expertise of all things “i”, post helpful tricks to your social networks, and chat with other users when you have a question or tip of your own.

And if you don’t feel like browsing, check out the “Top Tips” section of the app which compiles the best tips as voted by users. The developer used the “like” function of Socialize to round up the most popular tips and display them to users in an easily digestible way. Pure genius!

Below are a few screenshots of the app in action. Note how they’ve customized the Action Bar to integrate seamlessly into their app’s design. (This is made possible with our open API, which lets you be the master of your Socialize implementation.) Take a look at the images below or download the app here and try it out for yourself.

Tips for iPhone

Customized Action Bar at the top of the screen

Comments aplenty! Brought to you by Socialize

Commenting, in action

A blossoming app community

Top Tips, powered by Socialize likes

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