Ah, the Biebs. Should we just bow down and realize this 4-foot teenager from Statford, Ontario is slowly taking over the world? One-hundred and five million dollars at a time. Yikes.

Taking advantage of this mini-crooner’s uber popularity, developer Readandro has created the Justin Bieber Radio app for Android. It features the latest songs from the boy wonder himself, along with those of his many collaborators.

The commenting feature of newly-implemented Socialize lets fans chat with each other while listening to their favorite songs. Each song is an entity, so it can be liked, commented on and shared to external social networks (promoting the app to spread the Bieber Fever even more)! This also lets the developer see which songs and content drive the most social actions, which actions are bringing in the most downloads and which users are most active by tracking each entity on their App Intelligence Dashboard.

If you’ve got the fever too (don’t worry, we aren’t taking names), download the Justin Bieber Radio app here. And for a taste of what you’re in for, check out the screenshots below.

App Homepage

Listen to the man (boy) himself.

Join the conversation and post your comment so social networks.

Action Bar makes each song an entity.

Listen to other artists.

See what other users are saying about each song.

Choose your language.

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