Find yourself cursing your Android phone one too many times a day for a slow connection or dropped calls? Put the swear jar away. Downloading the Network Speed Booster app will refresh your connection to cell sites to improve reception and Internet connection.

Not only that, it also gives you better call quality and maximizes your phone’s broadband radio power. Offering a data, wi-fi and airplane mode switch straight from the app, it makes managing your connections easier than ever. With Socialize now implemented, interaction both in and around the app is now possible as well. The app itself is its own entity, allowing it to be liked, commented on and shared. Authentication makes sharing to Facebook and Twitter as easy as clicking a button. And SmartAlerts keep you notified of app activity by subscribing you to a comment thread once you participate.

Meanwhile, every social action around the app is tracked on the developer’s App Intelligence Dashboard so they can see which content is most popular, reward their most active users, and see which shares are bringing in the most downloads. Seeing what works for their app means they’ll be able to keep giving you, and other users, what you like.

Check out the screenshots below to see how the app has installed Socialize. And to boost your own network speed, download the Network Speed Booster app here.

Action Bar on app homepage

Social actions trigger authentication through Facebook or Twitter

A like posted to Facebook after authenticating

Every shared post links to app's SmartDownload Page

Commenting system powered by Socialize

Comment and subscribe to thread via SmartAlerts

Share app through Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS

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