Last night Socialize CEO Daniel Odio participated on a panel hosted by SiliconVikings, a non-profit organization for networking and promotion of technologies and businesses intersecting Silicon Valley and the Nordic countries.

The panel had a spirited discussion focused on the intersection of mobile and social — something we live every day at Socialize.  Here is a description of the panel:

Every computer revolution changes our lives dramatically; so will mobile devices. Mobile devices enable billions of people to capture, share, interact, and consume real-time personal media in new and creative ways. In addition, being devices owned by individuals, they can form an autonomous computing fabric that frees us from the domination of existing centralized proprietary social networking services.

The panel was moderated by Marc Davis, Partner Architect, Online Services Division at Microsoft.  Panelists included:

  • Daniel Rubén Odio-Páez, CEO and Co-Founder at Socialize, Inc
  • Magnus Hilding, Head of Software Strategy, Sony Mobile
  • Monica Lam, Faculty Director for MobiSocial Lab
  • Keri Kandel, Product Marketing Manager – Google+ Mobile
  • John Paul Shen, Head of Nokia Research Center, North America Lab
  • Paul Master, CTO, Techfarm
  • Alan Messer, Vice President, Head of Advanced Software Technology, Samsung Electronics
  • Mark H. Wittow, Partner at K&L Gates

Here is a video of the panel:

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