We could all do with a little inspiration throughout our day, and with The Bible Verse iOS app delivering continually updated verses straight to you, it’s never far off.

The app is as simple as it is powerful—swipe through an endless number of quotes and verses to guide you, perk you up, keep you grounded, or whatever the words mean to you. The app is intended for the Christian community to further keep them connected to their faith in the age of the iEverything.

Having placed the Action Bar on each verse, users can connect with one another to form a community in and around the app. They can like and comment on their favorite verses, or share what it means to them by taking part in the comment thread. They can also share each verse by email or SMS, or post to their Twitter or Facebook walls to share with their friends and followers. By authenticating through Facebook or Twitter, they can keep sharing the good word by having each like, comment and share automatically posted.

Each verse has been made into its own entity so the developer can see the social actions around each verse to see which are most popular, what’s being said about them and who their most active users are. With this information, they can easily MicroTarget their users and send the most active ones special updates, quotes, or messages to acknowledge them and encourage app loyalty.

You can download The Bible Verse app here for your daily dose of inspiration. And to install a social layer in your own app, download the Socialize SDK here (it only takes 5 minutes)!

Verses continually delivered to you

Each verse is an entity with the Action Bar

Share via multiple channels

Join the conversation

Post your own comments and share them

Authenticate through Facebook and Twitter

Track your own activity in your profile

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