Fresh from the oven comes a mouthwatering app that will have you cooking up a storm—then booking a one-way trip to Lebanon. The 100 Lebanese Recipes iOS app features, ironically, 105 delicious recipes to please the palate.

Search for specific recipes, save your favorites, or browse through the app by category, name or picture. There are also other cool features like the ability to calculate and covert liquid or fixed units, listen to music and learn the local lingo with a glossary of typical Lebanese cooking terms.

And now there are other cool features—liking, sharing and commenting—courtesy of Socialize! In this case, the Action Bar has been placed on each recipe to turn it into an entity. This means the social actions around each recipe can be individually tracked and dissected on the developer’s App Intelligence Dashboard. They’ll be able to see which recipes are most popular, what people are saying about them and which users are bringing in the most downloads through their comments and shares. By sharing through Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS—and posting comments and likes made inside the app out to social networks by authenticating—users promote the app to bring in prospective users. Every post contains links to the app’s SmartDownloads page, with information about the app, its user activity and several ways to download it.

The screenshots below display how Socialize has been integrated into this particular app. Note that they’ve included a little Socialize branding on the homepage—hey, why not show off your app’s social layer straight away? And to get cracking on your own Lebanese smorgasbord, download the 100 Lebanese Recipes app here.

App Homepage (complete with Socialize branding if you want to promote your social features)

Choose from recipes alphabetically.

Or choose through pictures.

Each recipe is an entity with an Action Bar.

Share via the Action Bar.

Share recipes through SMS, for example.

Comment on recipes to chat with other app users.

Post comments to social networks, with links to download the app.

Authenticate with Facebook and Twitter.

Your activity is displayed in your profile.

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