Like many other domains we were recently been affected by the DDoS attack on Namecheap’s nameservers. We thought this would be a good time to move to another NS provider and then use Namecheap as a backup. Unfortunately Namecheap doesn’t let you export the hostname into a BIND zone file, but it does come with an REST API.

We created a open source python script to help you export your domain into a zone format for use with any other DNS provider.   You will have to first install easyzone which is based on dnspython. To install easyzone with setuptools do:

$ easy_install easyzone

This will install dnspython since it’s a dependency. After it’s installed you’ll want to grab our open source project. You can find the open source project on github: or directly clone it:

$ git clone

Once you’ve cloned the repo, copy to and set the properties. You’ll first need to enable API access for your Namecheap domain.

Once you’ve set the properties execute the following command from the root of the export-namecheap project:


That should export your hosts into a zone file called for you to use with another service.

We did end up using Amazon’s Route53 DNS service. To import the zone file we used a super simple to use open source tool from Barnaby Gray called cli53. We’ll probably end up using this tool for many other operational activities as well. It’s this simple:

cli53 import --file

This should’ve imported the zone file your route53 for you to review before making the big switch.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments below or contact me on twitter: @imosquera

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