Socialize is laser focused on creating a viral loop in your app, which we simply call “TheLoop,” to drive app downloads and in-app engagement.

Part of that value is propagating social actions taken by your users in your app out to Facebook and other social networks.

We’ve recently implemented an important part of this viral loop, which is that both comments and likes taken by users can be posted out to Facebook.

So for example, a user made a comment in the Altimeter Lite app, which has implemented the Socialize drop-in SDK:

Socialize Comment in the Altimeter Lite app

And because the user authenticated with Facebook in the Altimeter Lite app when he made the comment, the comment also posted out to his Facebook wall:

The Socialize Comment posted in Facebook

Also, when the user hits the “Like” button in the app:

Socialize Like Button posts out to Facebook

That Socialize Like is also posted out to the user’s Facebook wall:

The Socialize Like, on Facebook

You’ll notice that there are also a few important links in the Facebook wall posts above.  These can be defined by the app developer — for example, if the comment or the Like the user makes is in reference to an article in the app, then the article URL would be clickable from the Facebook wall post.  In this way, the user’s friends on Facebook can also read the content he’s making comments on or Liking from the app.  Socialize wraps these pages so we can track how much activity you get from each social action in our App Intelligence Dashboard.  Here’s what a wrapped linked page looks like:

A wrapped, linked page from a social action propagated by Socialize

You’ll also notice we post your app icon in the Facebook wall post, along with a link to download your app.  We do this via our SmartDownload service, which you can learn more abou here.

In this way, we’re able to tell you how many people went to your app download page from social actions taken in Socialize, via our App Intelligence Dashboard.  This also allows you to learn which of your users are taking a lot of social actions, which in turn are causing a lot of people to download your app.

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