And the tweens shall inherit the earth…with the help of Socialize.

The adolescent app market is no boys club. Along with One Direction and Justin Bieber comes the Selly Gomez app (or Selena Gomez, singer and current girlfriend of Justin Bieber for us old-timers) for iOS. Serving up the latest Selena news, videos and photos, it also provides a chat room courtesy of the Socialize commenting system, and sharing features that help promote the app and its content.

It’s no secret that pre-teens and teenagers love to talk. The commenting feature included in the Socialize Action Bar allows Selena Gomez fans to chat and connect with each other, fostering a community that centers around the app. On the flip side, the social actions—liking, commenting and sharing—that take place in the app are tracked and dissected on the developer’s App Intelligence Dashboard, giving them deep insight into what content is most popular, which users are most active and which shares are driving the most new installs.

Check out the screenshots below for a peek into the app and its Socialize implementation. And to download the app for yourself (or “your little cousin”), click here.

Socialize Action Bar turns app into entity

Favorite the app by liking it

Chat room powered by Socialize

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App shared via email with comment

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