Eighties babies, this one’s for you! The Radio Music 80′s Android app has recently implemented Socialize to help you and your friends get your jam on to George Michael and The Bangles.

This app has a set playlist of 100 songs (see the full list here) and turned each individual song into its own entity with the Action Bar. App user and 80′s fanatics can not only connect with each other to build an engaging in-app community, they’ll draw in new users with each comment, like and share. Nearly every social action prompts the user to authenticate with Facebook or Twitter, enabling global posting for automatic sharing. Which means every time someone gives “Like a Virgin” the virtual thumbs up, it posts that like to their social network profiles and promotes the app’s content. And Socialize makes sure every post is optimized to bring in more downloads, showcasing the app and directing users to download it through the SmartDownload System.

Ready to get your big-haired, blue-eyeshadowed, white-blazered groove on? Download the Radio Music 80′s app here.

Each song is an entity with the Action Bar

Share through Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS with option to comment

Commenting system powered by Socialize

Join the conversation and subscribe to the thread to receive push notifications with new activity

Authenticate through Facebook and Twitter

Socialize profile filled out automatically by authenticating

Facebook share with link to SmarDownload page where new users can see app activity and download the app

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