Socialize is on the move! All the way across pond, then a few more steps, then take a right. The Socialize SDK was recently integrated into Webby, a Russian Android app that gives you the latest and greatest in internet trends. We think we’ll celebrate with a vodka shot.

Granted, our Russian is a little rusty, but luckily Google Translate has our back. Webby compiles popular news and content from the world wide web, lets you view downloaded articles offline, bookmark your favorite content. And now that Socialize has been installed, you can comment on, like and share that content to your social networks. And Webby developers can look forward to building a community within and around their app, and watching those shares translate into fresh new downloads. And since the Action Bar is placed on articles within the app, making each one an entity, every social action is tracked for each individual article on their App Intelligence Dashboard.

Check out the screenshots below to see Socialize with a Russian makeover. Because Socialize has localization capabilities, the language has been translated as needed—note the Russian text when the users goes to comment.

You can download the Webby app here. And to download the Socialize SDK to add a social layer to your own app, click here.

Content compiled from the web

Like, comment on and share content

Content in list view

Translated text in comment box

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