This one’s short and sweet—and will tickle your funny bone. Browse thousands of hilarious videos from across the web with the XVideo Android app from developer furbie. Not Furby. Although that would be hilarious…and terrifying.

Watch your pick of continually updated videos that are funny, silly and just plain ridiculous, straight off of your device. Then like your favorites with the Socialize Action Bar, leave your thoughts in a comment thread, and share the “Scared Little Boy Fights off Laundry Room Monster” to your Facebook and Twitter walls (wait, the Laundry Room Monster is REAL?). Meanwhile, furbie can check out which videos are generating the most buzz in their App Intelligence Dashboard so they can keep giving users exactly what they want—and keep them coming back.

Download the XVideo app for Android here. And give your own app a social makeover with the Socialize SDK by downloading it here.

Funny videos/videotaped evidence of the Laundry Monster.

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