Facebook recently updated their developer SDK and deprecated the way they save information.  Are you running the latest version of their SDK?  We are, so you don’t have to think about it.

In this manner, implementing Socialize helps you ‘future-proof’ your app.  What’s the hot social network going to be next year?  Are you going to stay on top of it, and integrate each social network as it rises or falls from grace?

And even more importantly, why are you relying on other social networks to handle social for you?  Shouldn’t social be happening inside of your app, with your users?  They will never all be ‘friends’ on any one single social network, but they are all users of your app.  In fact, although they’re strangers, they share one common interest: Your app.

Socialize believes that you should get the benefit of integrating social into your app.  Your content should be the “entities” around which users are socializing.  If users want to propagate those comments, likes or shares out to Facebook, or Twitter, or another social network, then great — it’ll help you garner new users.  But we believe that offloading social to a 3rd party social network is a mistake.

Have Socialize start the social experience right inside your app, and ‘turn the lights on’ for your users so they can socialize with each other regardless of friend status.  Start future-proofing your app now!

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