Listen up, John Cena fans (and everyone else, head to Wikipedia and then come back and join us). The Wallpapers — for Cena iOS app by Fun Secrets is jam-packed with wallpapers to wrap your phone with. Kind of like how Cena wraps himself around his opponents—only friendlier, and without the grunting.

Having recently implemented Socialize, Fun Secrets has taken advantage of the SDK’s customization opportunities by integrating the social features into the app’s current design. Rather than installing the Action Bar as is, they’ve installed the features piece meal to be flush with the app’s UI.

And because these features have been installed via Socialize, any activity triggered by them—likes, comments, shares—is tracked and displayed on their App Intelligence Dashboard. Here, they can see which wallpapers generate the most buzz, which activity brings in the most downloads and which users are the most active within the app. From there, they can MicroTarget those users by sending them a SmartAlert—contacting them individually with a message or special offer. Alternatively, SmartAlerts also work within the app, automatically, to keep users coming back. Each time they comment on a wallpaper or participate in a conversation, they are automatically subscribed to that thread (with the option to unsubscribe if they wish). From then on, each time someone else posts on that thread, the user is sent a SmartAlert notification to bring them back to the app when they’re not using it.

No matter what, Socialize has their back to keep users engaged, active, and sharing the app’s content. To see the Socialize SDK live in the Wallpapers—for Cena app, head here.

Wallpapers to choose from

Socialize features integrated into the app's design, at bottom

Comment thread on wallpaper/entity

Join the conversation and share to social networks

Socialize User Profile (without Facebook or Twitter authentication)

Commenters automatically subscribed through SmartAlerts

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