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Socialize CTO Isaac Mosquera spoke about Socialize at this year’s GLUE Conference with a talk titled “Develop Apps for Rapid Adoption and Enormous Scale”.  You can find his full presentation here.

In the presentation, Isaac talks about developing for apps with a large install base and a high percentage of active daily and monthly users.  If you’d like to learn more about how Socialize has done this, you can also view our 45 minute Socialize infrastructure talk which goes into detail on building a scalable infrastructure from an API platform perspective.

In the GLUE Conference presentation, Isaac also discusses which vendors Socialize relies on.  At the top of that list is Splunk.  We’ve written about Splunk before, namely Leveraging Splunk for MapReduce & Big Data Analysis and Using MySQL Lookups With Splunk.

While he was at the conference, Isaac captured the content of some of the other speakers (as you’ll read in our Company Manifesto, point #13, we believe in capturing content as much as possible).  Enjoy.

oAuth 2.0 and Mobile Devices by Brian Campbell (find Brian’s full presentation here)

Presentation by Alistair Farquharson of SOA Software

Isaac’s Glue Conference Presentation (sorry, no audio)

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