Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you had a baby with Obama? Or Spiderman? Do you wish you had your own personal game of “If They Mated” in the palm of your hands? Then the FaceMod iOS app was made for you.

Have fun creating facial hybrids of celebrities, people you know, and more by copying features from one face to another. See what you and your friends will look like with your favorite celebrity’s eyes, mouth, hairstyle, what have you. You can also choose from ready-made masks that come with the app, or create your own for a customized look.

Each finished concoction is its own entity that can be liked, commented on and shared to social networks. For the developer, this means each social action is tracked for every image, so he can see what content is most popular and which comments and shares are driving the most downloads.

Speaking of the developer, Ramin, he had great things to say about the Socialize SDK’s easy implementation and the difference it’s made in his app:

“With so many apps in the App Store, the most effective way to get noticed is through recommendation by friends. We tried direct advertising and it simply does not work. Socialize is cost effective and it gave a new life to my app.”

“It’s super easy to integrate (it took me ~15 minutes) and it worked on the first try. The support team is very responsive. More importantly, it gives the user of my app a sense of being connected to a group.”

This is a fun app that brings out your creativity to make some really hilarious, cool-looking and yes, downright hideous hypothetical babies. Or, if you don’t want to go the mad-scientist route, you can use it to see what you’d look like with purple eyes or a fancy beard. It’s up to you. Download the app here to start playing around. (But just so you know, we won’t be held responsible for you not getting any more work done this afternoon.)

Check out the screenshots below for a few examples. And to download the Socialize SDK for your own app, click here.

Choose from photos

Give yourself some alien eyes!

You + Spiderman = ?

Share your post-workout body with friends

Or your sweet new contacts...

Share with everyone, in every way!

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