This year’s festival is already over but that only means you have a whole year to pump yourself up for the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, March 22-24, 2013. And since the Ultra Music Festival Android app is now powered by Socialize, you can rally all of your friends—and their friends and friends of friends—for the big event too!

With the latest artist, stage and set time updates, having this app in the palm of your hand means you won’t miss out on anything the festival has to offer. Check out hot spots with the geo-location feature and receive alerts directly from the festival organizers, who will be updating attendees through push notifications and Twitter.

The developers have used Socialize’s commenting feature to create an exclusive Fan Wall, so attendees can communicate with each other about the festival and its events. The Socialize SmartAlerts system makes sure they’re on top of all of the buzz within the app community. And since each comment and entity within the app can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and through email, app users can get their friends involved as well.

Heading to the festival or just want to stay posted? Download the Ultra Music Festival Android app here.

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