It would be a shame for college kids to go hungry, so the Creighton Dining iOS app from Creighton University in Nebraska is making sure that doesn’t happen! And with a social layer courtesy Socialize, they’ll make sure their friends are properly fed too.

The Creighton Dining app has installed the Socialize Action Bar on each food item so students can like, comment on and share the daily menu with each other. Rather than blindly showing up to different cafeterias and on-campus restaurants, they can see what’s offered where through the app. They can also see where their friends are headed and what menus they’re checking out each time a comment or item is shared to Facebook or Twitter. Authentication through the app not only gives users an identity inside the app, it enables global posting so every social action they take from then on gets posted as well.

Meanwhile, Creighton University can see which menu items are most popular to keep giving students what they like most!

Check out the screenshots below to see how Creighton Dining has implemented Socialize, and if you’re a current or future Creighton student, download the app here.

Menu Items

Action Bar for each menu item

Comment on menu items and subscribe to thread with SmartAlerts

Authenticate to post to Facebook and Twitter

Authenticating automatically fills out the user's Socialize profile

Authenticating also triggers global posting, so each social action from then on is posted to social networks

Entity post when shared to Facebook, with links to SmartDownload Page

SmartDownload Page for shared comment

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