If you’re constantly on the move and hate having to open your browser and Google Map the nearest bank, coffee shop, gas station or restaurant (the less typing, the better when you’re in a rush!) then we’ve got the app for you. And with a social layer powered by Socialize, you can share your whereabouts and on-the-run genius with your friends.

The Around Town app for iOS lets you choose your destination by category (bar, coffee shop, bank, etc.) and gives you an instant list of the nearest locations. Share each location to your social networks to let people know where you are, and comment on each location—which is its own entity—which can also be posted to Twitter and Facebook.

The more social actions that occur, the more information the app developer gets on each users, what content is working and generating the most buzz, and which users and actions are bringing in the most downloads. The SmartDownload System works hard to ensure that each piece of content shared is optimized to bring in as many new users and installs as possible, displaying the results on the developer’s App Intelligence Dashboard.

If you’re looking to cut down on search time and make sure you get to where you want to be, check out the Around Town app for iOS. And for a quick look at Socialize’s implementation, check out the screenshots below.

Category selection is its own entity with an Action Bar

Choose a location

Each location is its own entity to be shared, liked and commented on

Comment on and share each entity

Authenticate through Facebook and Twitter

Comment is posted in the thread in the app

Authentication automatically populates the Socialize user profile

Share to social networks, with links to a tailored SmartDownload page

The SmartDownload page, with app activity and links to download

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