Keep your phone’s charger handy, because now you can watch full Indian cricket matches right on your device—and there’s no such thing as a “quick game of cricket”. The Indian Cricket Live TV app for Android lets you (as you probably gathered) watch live cricket matches inside the app. And with the Socialize SDK now installed in the app, each video can be liked, commented on and shared—as well as scorecards, app categories and the app itself.

The developers have implemented the Action Bar into various layers of the app, turning different pieces of it into entities. The entire app can be shared through the Action Bar on the main menu. The categories accessed by the main menu can be shared as well. And each individual scorecard, video, and piece of content within those categories can be liked, commented on and shared through their own Action Bars. Not only does this allow users to interact with each facet of the app—and each other—but it gives the developer granular insight into their own app.

Every social action that occurs in the app is tracked and analyzed on the developer’s App Intelligence Dashboard. Because the Action Bar has been installed in so many places in the Indian Cricket Live TV app, activity taking place around all of that content will be measured. Information about the most popular content, most active users, which shares are triggering the most downloads, and more, will all delivered right to the developer.

Check out the screenshots below to see how Socialize has been implemented in this app. And for hours and hours of live cricket at your fingertips, download the Indian Cricket Live TV app here.

App main menu as entity

Top app category as entity

Individual score card as entity

Share any entity through Facebook, email or SMS

Commenting system powered by Socialize

Comment on any entity and post comments to Facebook

Authenticate to post to Facebook

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