We recently announced an performance advertising app install platform for app developers who want to drive installs and engagement of their apps.

If you have a $5k budget to drive installs, and you’re willing to spend at least a 25 cent Cost Per Click (CPC) to drive new users to your app store install page, we can help you.

Here’s how Socialize drives real installs to your app:  In our insertion order, we ask you to fill a profile out describing your ideal user.  We ask you things like:

  • Your app category
  • Type of device (i.e., iPad only?)
  • Gender of your ideal user
  • Age of your ideal user
  • Geographic Region of your ideal user
  • Best time of day to show ads (are your ideal users on their devices in the evening, for example?)

We use your answers to build a profile of an ideal user and then we target people who match that profile.

How we target:  We evaluate hundreds of millions of ad impressions every day, looking for impressions from users that most closely match the profile of your ideal user.  When we see an impression from a user we think is likely to install your app, we bid on that impression.  By carefully bidding on only the best impressions, we’re able to get you installs of users that will provide you long-term value.

Actual screenshot from a developer who used an incentivized install network

How we are different from incentivized install networks:  There are networks such as Tapjoy that can drive a large number of installs, but those installs are driven through incentives that have nothing to do with your app.  For example, a user might get virtual coins an a game app in exchange for installing an app.  That user only wants the virtual coins — they don’t actually want to use your app.  To the right is a screenshot of an actual app that used Tapjoy to drive installs — but you can see the long-term engagement of the app was unaffected by the campaign.

Our goal is to provide you real users that will provide long-term value.

If you’d like to get started, just fill out our insertion order.  If you’d just like more info, tell us more about your app.

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