Why sift through tech blogs or virtually meander through the App Store when new apps can be delivered right to you, as art? The iMosaic app for iOS is a beautiful way of discovering new apps in one convenient place.

And now even more people will be able to discover new and exciting apps. Having recently implemented the Socialize SDK, the developers have installed the Action Bar on each individual app. That way, new apps that are discovered through the iMosaic app can be liked, commented on and shared with friends through Twitter, email, Facebook and SMS. With each share (whether through the sharing feature alone or when sharing a comment), a link is posted to the entity’s SmartDownload page, showcasing the iMosaic app and encouraging prospective users to download it.

Beyond this, every social action around each app is tracked, analyzed and displayed on the developer’s App Intelligence Dashboard so they can see which apps are most popular, which shares are triggering the most new downloads and which users are most active. From there, they can then MicroTarget those active users to keep them engaged and loyal. This is done using SmartAlerts, which actually have two functions—they can be used for direct messages to individual users from the developer’s dashboard, and also subscribe and notify the user of thread activity once they’ve commented inside the app. The bottom line is, they keep users coming back to the app and strengthen the user-to-app connection.

Check out the screenshots below to see how Socialize has been implemented. And to download the iMosaic app for yourself, click here.

Mosaic of different apps to discover

App as entity with Action Bar

Share new apps through Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS

Comment on entity and subscribe to thread through SmartAlerts

Share comment to Facebook (and Twitter)

Posting requires authentication to populate Socialize profile

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