Eden may conjure up images of snakes, apples and fig leaves but those familiar with the Eden – World Builder game know that Eden can be whatever your little heart (and touch-screen tapping fingers) desires. Ensuring users can make the most of their personal Eden, the Tips for Eden iOS app reveals the game’s every nook and cranny for them to take advantage of.

Filled with tips and videos on every type of block, the implementation of Socialize in the app allows users to like, comment and share each one to the social networks. Doing so then prompts the user to authenticate, instantly populating their Socialize profile picture and bio and enabling global posting so each social action they take from then on is automatically posted to their Twitter or Facebook wall. Not only does this make sharing their activity and the app’s content with their friends easier, it continually promotes the app externally as users interact inside of it. The Socialize Action Bar keeps app users connected and engaged within the app, while simultaneously publicizing that activity to outside networks in order to lure new users into downloading the app. The SmartDownload System makes sure of it!

Take a look at the screenshots below to see how Socialize has been integrated into the app. Notice that the developer has chosen to place the Action Bar at the top of each different tip and video category, making each one its own entity, of which all social actions are tracked and displayed on their App Intelligence Dashboard. They’ve also taken advantage of the SDK’s unlimited customization and installed their own features into the Action Bar—such as a “More Games” button that directs users to additional apps in the App Store. Check it out for yourself by downloading the Tips for Eden app here.

Block categories

Action Bar placed at top of page

App Store button installed into Action Bar by developer

Video category as entity

Comment on each entity (as well as like and share)

Authenticate to enable global posting for Facebook and Twitter

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