Socialize’s CTO Isaac Mosquera gave a talk at the recent SplunkLive conference detailing how we use Splunk as an integral part of our mobile advertising realtime bidding infrastructure. We evaluate over 10,000 bid requests per second, per RTB exchange. In the talk, Isaac details how:

  • Splunk helps us evaluate ad billions of impressions monthly for bidding, each in less than 100 milliseconds
  • We find errors in the system: If the feedback loop is broken, the bidder makes inefficient and misinformed bid decisions
  • Collect and analyze data efficiently
  • Storage devices need to be available for data collection
  • We run json data collection code to standardize data collection company-wide
  • We run realtime searches during deployments to catch deployment problems
  • We re-architected our bidding application after analyzing data from Splunk
  • We aggregate data into a relational database in 1 minute increments (what took 1 week manually, took 1 hour in Splunk)
  • We use Splunk to increase performance in an iterative fashion

Here is a video of Isaac’s talk:

Here are Isaac’s slides:

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