Fresh from one of the genius users at our sister site, AppMakr, comes an app that will please mothers everywhere. Juicer, The Juicing App for iOS makes sure you get your vegetables by offering up hundreds of recipes for delicious, healthy smoothies.

The app features a ton of recipes both hand-picked by the developer and submitted by juice-loving app users. Users can easily send their recipes in directly through the app by messaging the developer via the “Submit a Juice” tab. Having had Socialize built into it, the app allows users to comment on and share their fruit-and-veggie-laden discoveries with their social networks. Each recipe is turned into an entity through the Socialize Action Bar, which enables and tracks every social action taken in and outside the app on the developer’s App Intelligence Dashboard. With that kind of deep, insightful information at hand, the developer can see which recipes are most popular, what users are saying, and which ones are driving the most new app installs.

Check out the app, created with AppMakr and powered by Socialize, below. And to download the app for yourself and get your juice on, click here.

App Splash Screen

Home feed of juice recipes

Juice recipe as entity with Action Bar

Commenting powered by Socialize

Comment in thread, without Facebook authentication

Socialize user profile without Facebook authentication

Socialize user profile with Facebook authentication

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