Do you know your rappers? REALLY know them? Could you identify them solely by their catchphrase? If the answer is no, then you’re in dire need of the Rap Soundboard Lite app for Android. And if it’s yes, then download the app anyway and brush up!

Filled with rappers from A-Z, represented by hilarious bobble-head style graphics, you can sift through and listen to over 150 sounds from 77 famous rappers. Then choose your favorites, save them, and set them as ring tones or notification sounds to give you phone an instant dose of swagger.

The Socialize Action Bar has been installed to make the app itself an entity that can be liked, commented on and shared. Every time a social action is taken around the app, its entity page is shared to that user’s social networks to promote the app’s content and bring in more downloads. Meanwhile, the developer can see what people are saying about the app in the commenting threads, what they’re sharing to friends through Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS, and which users are most active. From there, they can microtarget users individually with special offers or exclusive content sent via SmartAlert. Which means the more active you are in the app, the more likely you’ll get special treatment. Coupon for a bottle of Cristal? (Maybe don’t hold your breath on that one.)

Check out the screenshots below for an overview of Rap Soundboard Lite. And to download the app for yourself, click here.

Action Bar turns the app into its own entity

View counter, like, comment and share

Comment on the app, then post your comment to social networks

Favorite, save and set rapper sounds

Entity page linked to each time a comment or the app is shared

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